Classic in design but with a contemporary feel, Grid will protect your home while also enhancing how it looks. 

Working closely for the first time with the award-winning Norwegian designer, Hallgeir Homstvedt; Grid takes its inspiration from how a much-loved everyday object can be continuously reinvented by using new materials and patterns. 

Designed with real homes in mind, Grid is available in two convenient sizes and three colour combinations: Matcha Lemon, Lime Candycane and Chocolate Strawberry.

Made from environmentally responsible 100% recycled plastic (PET) and backed with non-slip rubber, Grid provides excellent absorption, trapping dirt and moisture into the pile, ensuring the floor underneath always stays dry.

“Complementing your decor rather than taking centre stage, each doormat features a soft-spoken grid pattern made from two calmer shades and a brighter accent; kind of like flowers in a green meadow.”

Acclaimed both nationally and internationally, Oslo-based Hallgeir Homstvedt has a remarkable portfolio of work spanning furniture, interior and product design.

Highly experienced, Hallgeir opened his own studio in 2009 after completing his BA of Industrial Design with honours at Newcastle University in Australia and working for the pioneering Norway Says. 

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