For us, sustainability is about three things: materials, durability and quality. Three factors that are closely interlinked, each of which affects the others

Recycled materials

In 2017, we replaced nylon with recycled PET in our products. PET is a durable material that is perfect for doormats. It has great absorption properties and dries quickly.

PET is made from recycled plastic bottles – an important environmental choice that feels right for us. Reusing materials and components is vital if we are to achieve a more circular and sustainable manufacturing process

Premium quality

We want our mats to live, function and inspire for many years. That is why we never compromise on quality. A Heymat also helps to extend the quality and lifespan of other flooring and surfaces in the home, by quickly absorbing dirt and grit, preventing it from being dragged into the house

Long lifespan

Sustainability is also about developing motifs that stand the test of time. This is something that is the key to smart, functional and sustainable products. Our design processes take time, because we test and tweak our products to make sure that they will work, not just for one season, but to be something that you can keep for a long time.