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High quality doormats designed for indoor use. The mat has a soft upper surface and rubber backing.

• Good dirt-trapping and absorption properties
• The backing prevents moisture from reaching the floor
• Textile made from 100% recycled materials (PET)


• The mat is highly durable and has excellent absorption and dirt-trapping properties
• The mat is approximately 7 mm thick
• The mat’s textile is made from 100% recycled plastic. The backing is made from non-slip nitrile rubber
• The manufacturing process behind a Heymat involves numerous manual operations. This means that the mats may vary slightly in size, colour and appearance


Vacuum the mat regularly.

Wash on hot when needed. Use a bleach-free detergent and vacuum the mat before washing. Dry the mat in the tumble dryer or hang up to dry. You can extend the life of your mat by regularly machine washing; we recommend that you do this 2–4 times a year.

$180.00 USD Regular price

A play with colors

The design of the Mix collection is a play with colors, where the various rectangles meet in different color mixes, creating a contemporary pattern reminiscent of traditional, woven textiles. 

Gem’s deep hues of emerald, sapphire and ruby come together in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Berry is a colourful feast of fresh hues inspired by Norwegian berries.

Meadow borrows its colour palette from lush flower fields. The clear hues add a breath of fresh air to the surroundings, making Mix Meadow one of our most popular products.

Forest is inspired by the Norwegian forests’ fresh hues.

Why choose Heymat?

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Functional design

Long lifespan

Recycled materials

Easy maintenance

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Awesome. Great quality.


Such a beautiful rug and truly one of a kind. There isn’t another rug that would have fit my space more perfectly. Thank you!


Hides and catches sand from the beach beautifully

Unbelievably gorgeous

I own a few washable mats in my house but nothing compares to the Heymat doormat. Living in the Northeast, our entranceway gets a ton of snowy, wet, and muddy action. Needless to say, it's been put through some serious testing so far. With that being said, I am always surprised at how clean it looks after I vacuum it!! The quality is very impressive!.