3 Stylish Tips for your Front Entry

3 Stylish Tips for your Front Entry

3 Stylish Tips for your Front Entry

Let your front hall foyer be the design cue for the rest of your home.

Once you step through the door, establish a focal point that creates this first impression. Norway’s own Heymat is a statement piece. It is an entry floor mat that is as beautiful as it is functional. Heymat’s function is to contain dirt, mud, sand and water. Thoughtfully designed with Scandinavian influences for clean, simple lines with a nod to minimalism. Heymat has a variety of styles that use both light and dark colors, inspired by nature and modern design.


Heymat Stein Doormat 

Invoke A Sense of Calm

The pleasing design of a focal point like a Heymat can have a Zen effect that turns a daily routine like removing one’s shoes upon entry into a calming moment. Leaving the stress of everyday life at the door.

Heymat is beautiful yet tough. Heymat is made from 100% recycled materials. Heymat is crush resistant , Heymat fibers retain its shape no matter the weight of packages or daily foot traffic at your door.


Heymat Sand Door Mat


Add Texture and Color

Flooring detail can add dimensions of both texture and color to an entry, emphasizing that this is a space to pause from the exterior to the interior of the house. The entry hall serves as the bridge between your home and the mud, sand, the streetscape outside. Heymat patterns create a subconscious attention to the entry foyer.


Mix Teklan Door Mat


Heymat’s ability to trap all sorts of dirt protects your floors. Heymat has a rubber backing designed to keep your floor clean and dry. Heymat fibers feel plush yet the pile height is appropriate for door clearance.


Heymat Doormat With Rubber Backing

Let Heymat be the connection between the outdoors and interior of your home.