Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach

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Enhance the visual impact of your interior by adding the Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach doormat to your entrance. Inspired by iconic furniture forms, the design seamlessly merges into a bold, organic shape that captivates the eye. With a refreshing palette of lemon yellow, deep indigo, and peach, this design infuses your interior with vibrant energy, transforming your doorstep into an inviting and colorful space.

Product Description

Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach is not only designed to enhances the aesthetics of your home but also ensures durability and functionality. The soft surface has excellent absorption and dirt-trapping properties, while the non-slip nitrile rubber backing secures the mat in place and protects the floor. As a result, the mat maintains a clean and dry entrance regardless of weather conditions.

The Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach doormat is part of the Iconic Women Collection, designed for Heymat by online magazine Sight Unseens founders Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov.


• Suitable for indoor use
• Heymat X Sight Unseen Emerald is available in one size: 32x48 In
• The mat is approximately 0.27 In thick
• Surface in 100% nylon, backing in 100% nitrile-rubber
• The manufacturing process behind a Heymat involves numerous manual operations. This means that the mats may vary slightly in size, colour and appearance.
• Produced in Poland


Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach is part of the Heymat Original range, made for easy care. For daily cleaning, simply use a vacuum cleaner or shake the mat to remove sand and dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, the mat can be machine washed on hot.

Heymat X Sight Unseen Peach
$330.00 USD Regular price

Design history and sophistication right to your doorstep.

Designed for Heymat by Sight Unseen, The Iconic Women Collection celebrates great female designs of the past. Infused with the unique style of Sight Unseen's founders, Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov, the collection consists of two doormat designs offered in three colorways: Emerald, Peach, and Lilac. Each doormat blends bold design with colorful compositions, complementing a thoughtful interior and bringing design history and sophistication right to your doorstep.

Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen is an online magazine that uncovers what’s new and next in design and the visual arts. They also champions uniqueness and encourages individuals to infuse their spaces with their own distinctive style.

Read our interview with Jill and Monica to learn more about them and gain practical tips for crafting an inviting entrance area that harmonizes effortlessly with the rest of your interior.

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